Brass Rein Rail 
mounts on top of dash 
Black Rein Rail 
mounts on top of dash 
Chrome Rein Rail 
mounts on top of dash 
Mini Tug Stops 
Mount on the side of the shafts to use instead or the holdbacks. painted black. 
$18.25 a pair
Whip holder 
available in chrome or brass and dash mount or shaft mount 
Wooden Easy Entry Team Pole
Easily bolts on to the front of our easy entry carts. A great way to work with two horses and as team. 
Metal Easy Entry Team Pole
Easily bolts on to the front of our easy entry carts. A very economical way to work with two horses as a team. 
Cup holder 
mounts on the dashboard great for 
water bottles 
Wire spoked wheel 
heavy duty 20" wheel with 3/4" bearings also available with 5/8" bearings hub width is 3 3/8" 
$63.70 each
1/4" metal spoked wheel 
heavy duty 24" or 26" wheel with welded spokes. Hub width
is 3 3/8". Available with 3/4" or 5/8" bearings.
$70.20  each
Black Solid Tire 
can be used as replacement tire or bought as complete wheel.
Looks almost like an air tire. 
20" $49.00 - 26"54.65
NEW! Black Poly Wheel. Comes with a no flat tire. A very durable wheel that will not rust or go flat. Available in two sizes.
20" $62.40 each
26" $88.40
Wooden Wheels 
Hand made in our shop in sizes 18" - 34" with a 3/4" sealed bearing and cast aluminum hub 5/8" bearings also available 
$188.50 each ( finished )
12 Volt Sealed Battery 
18A.H. Battery great to use with our light systems. will not leak acid.
12 Volt Light System
Carriage light system includes
Two headlights, two tailights with
turn signal, and easy to use switchbox with all wiring included. Price includes installation.
Footman Loop 
Are available in chrome or brass and have many different uses. 
$4.87 a pair
Mini Sleigh Runners 
A great way to make use of your cart in the wintertime will fit on your 3/4" axle 
per set $162.50
Shaft Tips 
Are available in chrome or brass and 
size 7/8" and 1" 
$8.45 a pair
Heavy Duty Spring 
Are used mostly on model #01 and #05 when a heavier duty spring is required 
3/4" Axle This axle 
will fit our wooden wheels and wire spoked wheels. Can be custom made to your specs.
Wheel Guards 
made for the show carts, mounts on the end of the axle and the shafts for wheel protection.
$71.50 per set
Special Hub Caps 
Available in chrome or brass for 
the wooden wheels 
Patent Leather Dash
Is used mostly on show carts, mounts on crossbar. size 21 1/2"X8 1/2" $127.40
Universal Cart Cover 
A one Piece cover will fit most mini carts and wagons. Comes in a handy pouch. Woven Polyester, is water resistant and has an elastic hem
Show Cart Stirrups 
Mounts in front of floor assembly. A unique one piece design  for easy assembly. 
Block Brakes
For Our Mini carts add on option
Mini Cart Stand
Will fit most all mini carts, comes with an adjustable center post for different sized carts. Painted black
Tire Sealant
Will seal and repair small leaks in air tires. Use as a prevention or  repair. 
One bottle treats two tires. 

Our Stain Colors

Our Vinyl Colors

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